Investigating Your Case

Investigation is Critical

Personal injury cases can be quite involved. While no two cases are the same, they all deserve exceptional attention, effort, and expertise.

Ron Smith and his team are experienced in investigating a case. We research your injuries, and dig deep into the facts of the accident that led to them. Investigation is perhaps the most important part of a personal injury case because it serves as the building blocks of a solid argument for negotiation or trial.

An effective investigation starts with knowing what questions to ask, to whom they should be asked, and comprehending the answers. Here is just a sample of the evidence we collect:

  • Police photos
  • Police body cam videos
  • Security Cam footage from surrounding businesses
  • Accident scene police reports
  • Blood test results for impaired driving
  • Cell phone records
  • Witness testimony
  • Arrest records
  • Traffic violation records
  • Medical bills and records

We are very familiar with interpreting all of this data, including terms used by doctors in medical records and treatment notes for a greater understanding of your injuries.

Ongoing Interaction and Communication

The complexities of any given case can mean juggling ongoing interaction with the many people, companies and organizations involved in building an injury case. Just to name a few, that might include:

  • Insurance companies

  • Witnesses

  • Other parties to your claim

  • Defense attorneys

  • Defendants

  • Medical providers

  • Physical therapist

  • Process servers

  • Police departments

  • Ambulance companies

  • Court reporters

  • Mediators

  • Judges

  • Clerks of court

  • Cell phone providers

  • Product experts

  • Accident reconstructionists

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