When to Hire An Attorney

You’ve been in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence…

Now What?

The fact is, you could go it alone. While you’re focusing on recovering, you could talk to the insurance company and hope they’ll offer a fair settlement for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other damages. The insurance adjuster (or claims representative) will probably be a kind and understanding person – even sympathetic. They’ll offer a settlement amount that might sound good, after all, the adjuster seemed like a nice person.

But think about this: adjusters are employed by insurance companies and so are the attorneys they work with to determine how much they will offer. And, you won’t be working with your own insurance company – you will be negotiating with the liability insurer (or the at-fault person’s insurance company.) Insurance companies are for-profit organizations and their priority is to protect their profits. It is not in their best interest to offer you a single dollar more than you’re willing to accept. There are so many questions to ask and facts to consider. Without the representation of an experienced attorney like Ron Smith, you may never know whether they really tendered an appropriate settlement or if they convinced you to take much less than you deserve.

At Ron Smith Attorney At Law

We research your injuries and investigate the accident that caused them. We use that information to steer negotiations with insurance companies on your behalf and with your best interests in mind.

The cost of medical treatment for personal injuries can add up very quickly, and medical providers will seek payment sooner rather than later. And, on top of those expenses, you might miss time from work – or you may not be able to go back to work at all. Don’t take the risk of handling these complexities alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to answer a call from an insurance adjuster or a bill collector and say, “I’m represented by Attorney Ron Smith and you’ll need to speak with him from now on?”

Why Hire Attorney Ron Smith?

We understand that the days and weeks following an accident can be a difficult, traumatic time in your life. We know that you might be feeling uncertain about your future, your ability to pay increasing medical bills, and the stress of dealing with insurance companies. Personal injury cases can be quite complex – a single call to our office can help eliminate some of the stress you’re feeling and get you one step closer to resuming your typical, every-day routine.

We will put your mind at ease

We approach every case with exceptional effort and dedication, tapping into all aspects of our work and life experiences. At C. Ron Smith Attorney at Law, Personal Injury Law is all we do and your recovery is our No. 1 priority. We apply that same passion toward creating and maintaining close relationships with our clients. It is our philosophy to approach every client as an individual with unique needs and expectations. We treat each and every client with dignity, respect, compassion and experience.

As we investigate your accident and your case strategy evolves, we will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that:

  • You understand the various types of insurance involved in your claim
  • You know the various stages of your claim
  • You approve every decision regarding settlement offers
  • You can talk to Attorney Ron Smith any time you deem necessary
  • You know who to call – anytime – for case information
  • You can trust our client reviews don’t come from contests or compensated authors

So many of the larger law firms will not invest the time or resources to try a case. If your claim can’t be resolved through negotiations with the insurance companies, Attorney Ron Smith is a skilled trial attorney who has the confidence and experience to bring your case before a judge and jury.